Friday, January 2, 2009

Directive from Vidya Lakshmi

Some how Saraswathi over heard about the incident. She started pondering over her fate and future. She cried and cried and cried. She thought that her husband had already left her. She remembered her marriage and the sweet memories post marriage. What if she asks about the same to her husband? No, she kept silent. 

Days kept rolling and still the situation was the same. Both kept silent and never spoke to each other. They din't understand whether to be happy for their financial status was getting better or to worry about this new circumstance of assuming Sanyasa. Lakshmi Narayana was playing innocently, ignorant of all these happenings.Venkatanatha was assessing himself while his silence tortured Saraswathi. 

One night both slept silently. Venkatanatha  fell asleep late night as he kept thinking. Around four in the morning, he witnessed a dream where in he saw his room illuminated with light all over. Beside his bed he saw a beautiful, young, glowing lady, sitting pleasantly with dazzling ornaments. She had a Veena in one hand and books clasped in the other. She spoke thus:

"I was created by Sri Veda Vyasa to protect the scholars. I was brought up by Sri Aananda Theertha and Sri Jaya Theertha. Sri Vyasa Raya had given me strength and I enjoyed the company of Sri Vijayeendra Theertha. Sri Sudheendra Theertha had crowned me as Jaya Lakshmi and gave me the throne. I'm the Goddess of education, Sri Saraswathi Devi !!!"

I have my home built in Veda Vyasa's "Brahma Sutra", Vyasa Raya's "Taatparya Chandrika" and "Swaya Mitra". Sri Vijayeendra Theertha draped me with a silk saree, "Madhvaadva Khantodharam". I hold his "Tatva Manikya Peti" in my hands and wore his "Nyaya Muktha Mala" around my neck! I have made Sri Vyasa Raya's "Tarka Thandavam" as my throne! All these scriptures exist as long as the Moon and Sun exist. Atleast for this Tarka Thandavam alone, I shall exist in this world till the end of this Kalpa(4.32 billion years)."

And suddenly her face became pale....

"But I haven't sensed "Nyaya Sudha" and "Tarka Chandrika" yet. You are the one to unveil their beauty to me ! You are born for a cause in this world and that cause is to save humanity ! This is your duty ! I'm supposed to stay with the one who performs Sri Moola Rama Puja daily, this was an order by Sri Veda Vyasa ! I will stay with your Guru Sri Sudheendra Theertharu for some more time. If you assume Sanyasa and perform the puja daily, then I'll never leave you !"

"If you will not assume Sanyasa, then analysing of scriptures will come to a halt. The Vaishnavaite culture and all the scriptures will perish. Even if the scriptures exist, there will not be a single soul to understand them. All the Matas(monastery) will get shattered. One will not hear classes and debates of scholars around that place. They will turn out to be a home for owls. Atrocious !!!"

"Horrid ! This should never happen. You will definitely assume Sanyasa and I will stay with you forever ! This is the truth and this will happen !"

Thus said, the Goddess advised him a mantra and disappeared. It was a long dream and Venkatanatha woke up. 

As days passed by, Venkatanatha's heart diverted towards renunciation. More over he had a lecture on this from his Guru daily. Saraswathi wanted to talk about this to her husband but couldn't. One day Venkatanatha decided firmly to assume Sanyasa. But he pitied the condition of Saraswathi and Lakshmi Narayana. He thought of performing his duties and in this regards he planned for the thread ceremony (Upanayanam) of Lakshmi Narayana. He informed his Guru and others in the Mata. Everything was arranged in the Mata for Upanayana and the function was held grandly. 

Saraswathi was not able to bear it anymore. She asked Venkatanatha direclty. Venkatanatha said about his decision. She kept silent. He thought her silence as an indication of acceptance and walked towards the Mata. 

Sri Sudheendra Theertharu called Nrusimha Charya and Guru Raja Charya to safeguard Saraswathi from taking violent steps.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!   

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