Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sri Moola Rama Archana !

One of the astrologers of the court approached Gurugalu and informed that it was time for Sri Moola Rama Archana. So Gurugalu took bath in the nearby pond, wore a fresh set of saffron clothes and set to begin the puja. 

Prior to Sri Moola Rama puja, Gurugalu worhipped the Kalasa(water pot - Kalasaaradhana) with fresh lotuses. Then abishekam was done to Sri Moola Rama devaru with Saaligraama containing the waters of river Kaveri. After which, the idols were worshipped with fresh flowers and precious stones. And then Shodasa Upachara puja was performed with various holy waters. 

HH 108 Sri Sushameendra Theerthagalu(right) performing Sri Moola Rama Puja 

Gurugalu took the waters, which were used for abhishekam, in a conch, sprinkled some on their head and consumed some. These waters are very sacred and holy as they were used in the abhishekam of Lord Sri Rama. Sprinkling this holy water on one's head yeilds a result that's equivalent to the fruits of performing an Ashwa Medha Yaga(One of the greatest sacrifices). And consuming these waters is equivalent to the fruits of performing a Raja Suya Yaga. 

Gurugalu prostrated before the Lord with utmost devotion. The devotees were offered the sacred waters and Mantraakshata. Then Guruagalu had their lunch and took rest for sometime. Mean while the devotees and students too had their lunch. Post lunch, usually Gurugalu would be involved in meetings with devotees who came from far off places. They would discuss about scriptures and books compiled by the predecessors. Sometimes Gurugalu spent their time on Music too though most of the time was spent on meditaion.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!      

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  1. Excellent photo of ragavendra swamigal.


  2. Ram ram ! My sincere thanks for you for producing the last photo.I have seen that in mantralayam.
    How beautiful is Lord Rama !
    sri rama jai rama jai jai rama !