Thursday, January 15, 2009


Once, during the Chaturmaasya period, a great scholar from Uttaradi Mutt, Sri Bidurahalli Srinivasa Charyaru visited Gurugalu, to show his literary works and take Gurugalu's blessings. Gurugalu usually spent most of their time in deep meditation, but they read most of the works of Srinivasa Charyaru with a lot of patience and appreciated his work. Srinivasa Charyaru was conferred with the title "Theertha" by Gurugalu for his works.  

Moreover, Srinivasa Charyaru was made to sit along with Gurugalu for the feast. In the feast, rasam with mustard seeds was served. Gurugalu consumed normally. Srinivasa Charyaru who was orthodox, thought sillily that the usage of mustard seeds to be violating the customs. But he never raised his voice against and asked the same to Gurugalu. Without consuming the rasam he finished his lunch. He took the blessings of Gurugalu and Mantraakshite(grains of rice mixed with turmeric used for blessings and salutations in ceremonies) and went back to Uttaradi Mutt. 

In Uttaradi Mutt, Srinivasa Charyaru told to Sri Yaadavendra Theertharu all that he had witnessed in the Gurugalu's Mutt with a tinge of sarcasm. "Swamy, what is this unorthodox practice? Using mustard seeds during Chaturmaasya? I haven't consumed it..." 

As he was uttering these words, his stomach started to pain severely. "Swamy, my stomach is paining, I'm unable to bear this pain..." saying so, he saw the Mantraakshite in his hands. He was astonished to see them black in color. He did not understand the consequence. 

Then Sri Yaadavendra Theertharu - "Gurugalu blessed you and your work with so much affection, but were you not able to adjust with them for a day by putting aside your orthodoxy? Because you have humiliated Gurugalu, your conscience is punishing you through stomach pain and by turning the Mantraakshite to black. Go and ask for an apology, atleast your conscience satisfies. Go...!" 

Srinivasa Charyaru again returned to Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt and fell at the feet of Gurugalu asking to forgive his mistake. He confessed his mistake in front of all the others present there. He again had the lunch, especially the rasam with mustard seeds. Till then his stomach pain had not lessened. Now the Mantraakshite also turned red. Srinivasa Charyaru felt relieved. He took the blessings of Gurugalu and returned back to Uttaradi Mutt. 

The crew of the monstery and the people of Kumbhakonam discussed many such incidents.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!  

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