Monday, January 26, 2009

The Fortunate !

Gurugalu reached Chitra Durgam. There was a temple in the mid of the village where Gurugalu and other staff lodged. At the time of Sri Moola Rama Swamy puja, a youngster from the staff, Venkanna, approached Gurugalu, paid his obeisance and stood silently. Gurugalu looked into his countenance and understood. They both alone understood the language. 

Venkanna seemed as if he was attaining salvation in a short time. Probably he must have had some deeds left behind in this birth to complete. But he wished to attain salvation as soon as possible, did not wish to lead this life anymore. He dedicated his life to Lord Sri Hari long ago. Now he wills to reach the Lord's feet. So he approached Gurugalu, revealing his wish silently. 

Gurugalu, amidst the staff and other people created a Yogaagni with their powers. Venkanna walked straight into the fires. Everyone present there could only see him entering but did not understand what happened next. But they saw something unusual in the sky, a flash of light for few seconds. Only some of them understood what was happening. Later Gurugalu performed Sri Moola Rama Swamy puja as usual and did not utter a word about what happened. 

After performing Sri Moola Rama puja for 2 days, they moved ahead to Hospet. In Hospet, they halted for a day and later set to Hampi. In Hampi, Gurugalu visited Sri Virupaaksha temple and performed puja to Lord Siva. They also offered prayers to Lord Vinayaka, Sri Nrusimha Swamy, Lord Hanuman and Sri Ranganatha Swamy. 

From there they moved to the banks of Tungabhadra river where Gurugalu offered their obeisance to their Guru, Sri Sudheendra Theertharu's Brindavana. They meditated some time there and moved forward towards Adoni. 

Gurugalu walked very fast while the crew was lagging behind as they were very tired for travelling continuously without rest. And moreover, Gurugalu were not silent, they discussed many spiritual matters with the staff and students. They almost reached Adoni. As Gurugalu were active, the crew to became active and started singing songs and hymns in praise of the Lord.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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