Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Kumbhakonam !

After a very long time, the people of Kumbhakonam were delighted to see their Kalpavriksha, Sri Raghavendra Guru Sarva Bhoumulu, back in their town. As Gurugalu, who turned lean and feeble due to the long tours and meditations, entered the town along with the idols of Sri Moola Rama devaru, it seemed as if Bharata, debilitated for spending 14 long years in meditation, was entering Ayodhya to see his brother, Sri Rama ascend the throne. 

On the main street of Kumbhakonam, there was a temple of Lord Hanuman, the idol being installed by Sri Vyasa Raya Theertharu. Gurugalu visited the temple first and worshipped before entering the monastery. 

The streets were all decorated and people of all castes and creed stood on the streets to welcome their Lord. Conches blown, musical instruments played, flowers showered to welcome Sri Parimala Charya ! The happiness of the people knew no bounds ! 

Grand old ladies(husbands still alive, aka Muttaiduvu) offered lighted camphor(Haarati) and amidst sacred hymns(Veda Mantra Ghosha) and auspicious music, Gurugalu entered the Mata(Monastery). 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!   

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