Sunday, January 18, 2009


In Tanjore, Vijaya Raghava Raya ascended the throne. Just like his father, he too took the advice of Gurugalu in ruling the country. Along with his family he often visited Gurugalu to take blessings. 

Once, he came along with his ministers to meet Gurugalu. After Sri Moola Rama puja, he took the blessings of the Lord and Gurugalu. Later, he expressed his grief about the drought, the Chola dynasty was facing to Gurugalu: "The Chola dynasty had been well off till now, without any problems. Farmers were happy as the crop yield was good. But now, my dynasty is facing the worst ever droughts. My people are migrating to other places to survive. I have become helpless, unable to tackle this drought condition. Please tell me as to how should I handle this tough condition. I'm ready to do anything for my country."

Saying thus, Vijaya Raghava Raya stood with head bent before Gurugalu. Gurugalu understood the grief of the King. Gurugalu said - "This is a test for you as you have ascended the throne recently. So we'll start to Tanjore tomorrow and perform Sri Moola Rama puja in your dynasty." Hearing this King was happy, took the blessings of Gurugalu and left to Tanjore. 

The very next day Gurugalu, along with their students and other crew members, set to Tanjore. They were received cordially. The very same day, Gurugalu performed Sri Moola Rama puja. Amidst all the glitter, Sri Moola Rama puja went off very well. As soon as the puja completed, there were showers all over Kingdom. King, Vijaya Raghava Raya, overwhelmed with joy, praised Lord Sri Rama for showering blessings on his Kingdom. This way, Sri Moola Rama puja was performed thrice a day.  

There was a very good rainfall and the people in the Kingdom dashed to their fields to sow seeds. The prices of basic amenities reduced. People were happy. Their happiness was clearly seen in the face of the King. 

Gurugalu arranged for a Sundarshana Homa and a huge feast for the poor. King Vijaya Raghava Raya presented a precious necklace on this occasion to Gurugalu. He wished his name and fame would last long in the Peetam by this gesture. But Gurugalu had put that necklace in the sacred fires as a sign of offering to the Lord. Seeing this the King stood disappointed and thought it to be an insult. He hesitantly asked Gurugalu about the same. Gurugalu, with their power(Thapa Shakthi), took back the necklace from the fires and returned it to the King. Every one were astonished by this act, including the King. Vijaya Raghava Raya understood his ignorance and his foolish behavior. His pride shattered within minutes. He stood abashed with head down in front of Gurugalu. He regretted for his behavior. 

Gurugalu pacified him saying that such things tend to happen and one should learn lessons from such incidents. He was admonished by Gurugalu that, a King should never think narrow- mindedly. The King prostrated before Gurugalu and apologised for his mistake.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!! 


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