Tuesday, January 6, 2009

At Dawn !

Kumbhakonam regained its past glory on the return of Gurugalu. Poeple of Kumbhakonam were blessed and fortunate to have witnessed the Kamadhenu. They praised Gurugalu, proclaimed that Gurugalu was yet another Vyasa Raya Theertha and Srimad Aananda Theertha(Sri Madhva Charya). 

The Eastern horizon was set to give birth to the Sun. The sky was pleasant with shades of saffron and yellow. The birds chirped, flowers bloomed, grass was covered with the dew, the river abated its roar and clouds floated silently indicating the dawn. 

Brahmins uttered sacred hymns to awake Gurugalu. Gurugalu took their blessings and went towards the sacred Tulasi plant to have a darshana of Sri Maha Lakshmi. Then Gurugalu walked towards the Vayuputra Hanuman temple to offer early morning prayers. And progressed towards the river in a palanquin to have bath.

Gurugalu first offered salutations to the river Kaveri, stepped into the waters, washed face and legs and then brushed their teeth. Then took bath with the Mrittika(called as Mrittika Snana). On every dip Gurugalu uttered the sacred Astaakshari, Dwaadasakshari and Shadakshari Mantras. And offered waters to the Lord by meditating in the heart. Then Gurugalu came out of the waters, wore clean saffron clothes and applied the Narayana Mudra with Gopi Chandana on the forehead. 

It was time for Sandhyavandane. Gurugalu sat in for the same and recited the Gayatri Mantra in the heart. The trees swayed down to offer their salutations to the Lord who was in deep meditation and the river flowed silently. 

After Sandhyavandane, Gurugalu marched towards a garden where there was an idol of Sri Veda Vyasa that was worshipped by Sri Madhva Charyaru. They offered their salutations and then attended a discourse by the brahmins on the Bhagavatha. There was a Brindavana of Sri Vijayeendra Theertharu in the same garden where Gurugalu offered prayers and walked towards the monastery. On the way to the monastery Gurugalu visited the temple of Sri Kumbheshwara Swamy(Lord Siva) and offered prayers. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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