Tuesday, December 30, 2008

God's Decree

"Swamy, do you wish me to assume Sanyasam and ascend the throne of Sarvagna Peetam? I'm not able to make a mere living, then how can I cross an ocean? Do you think it's possible by me?" Venkatanatha asked Theertharu innocently.

"You will definitely cross the ocean with my blessings and guidance. You need to have courage, should be able to sacrifice and should be self-disciplined." Venkatanatha was worried and said: "Swamy, my wife is very young, I have not performed Upanayana to my son yet. Sanyasa is not possible by me. Please leave me and find some one for Sarvagna Peetam. If you force me then I'll leave this Kumbhakonam and go elsewhere."

What are these excuses? What happiness does a man get in leading a family life?Did Venkatanatha, a great scholar, too fell in this trap? Already Sri Yaadavendra Theertharu(who was appointed in charge of Sarvagna Peetam when Sri Sudheendra Theertharu was not well) was on a country wide tour and Sri Sudheendra Theertharu was happy to find his successor in Venkatanatha. But why is Venkatanatha rejecting this offer? Theertharu smiled silently and remembered his dream. He thougt he should do his duty and leave the rest to God. 

"Venkatanatha, salvation should be the only destination for a human being. Who is wife to a scholar? Who is son to a scholar? A woman's company always leads to grief. This is the truth. Don't you know what consequences did great people like Vali and Yudhistir face? "

Venkatanatha bowed his head. 

"This is a world where only money has value. Can you live in this world by praising an illiterate as a scholar, a heartless man as sacrificer, for money? Din't you still understand this world?" Venkanna kept silence as an indication of acceptance. "There is nothing horrible than a family life. You would only come down the ladder if you lead a family life. You will never get satisfied with what you have or what you earn. And to earn money you will have to demean your character and hear words that you are not ought to hear from others."

While Gurugalu was advising Venkatanatha on renunciation, Venkatanatha's heart was hovering around family life. "To a scholar, all these relations are obstacles. Perform the Upanayana to your son as early as possible. Now get back to your house and give a thought on what I have said."

Venkatanatha pretended as if he heard everything and went back to his house as if he heard nothing. His mind was totally pre-occupied by his Guru's words. Swamygalu ordered two of his students to keep an eye on Venkatanatha. Venkatanatha thought that if he stayed back there then he would be forced by his Guru to assume Sanyasa. And if he moves to some other place, his Guru might be sad. Venkatanatha did not understand what to do. His mind was full of thoughts. For that day, he did not touch the books. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!  

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