Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Forgiver !

A scholar started narrating a miracle that took place on the banks of Tamraparni river. This tale teaches lesson to the orthodox lot who are impractical.  

"Once Swamygalu halted at the bank of river Tamraparni. That village was called "Kallada Kuruchi". In the same village lived a wretched brahmin addicted to bad qualities. The entire village had boycott him for his behavior. Every one in the village abhorred him. Once, in a village meeting(Panchayati), he was excommunicated from the village. So the brahmin left the village and wandered all over. He suffered and struggled to make a living. Then he realised his mistake. And as a propitiation started reading holy and sacred books. He offered prayers to the Lord daily. Had started meditation too. But his earlier life and misdeeds tormented him. Sometimes he even cried for his deeds. After some days he came to know that Gurugalu was on a tour and halted in their village for Sri Moola Rama puja. 

Gurugalu and other staff had their stay on the banks of the river. This brahmin walked in there. He stood far off and offered his obeisance to Gurugalu by prostrating. The place was crowded by people. Suddenly he ran to Gurugalu, fell on their feet and revealed his past and present life. His heart relieved. Gurugalu told him to bathe in the river and then sit along with them for puja. He followed it. When he sat nearby Gurugalu, all the people present there started gossipping. Gurugalu offered him the theertha first. And also made him to sit along with them for the feast. 

After the feast there was a spiritual discourse where Gurugalu explained about sins and confessions. "One who doesn't hear to good advices but just follow their heart and commit sins, realise later. When they realise, their conscience punishes their heart. This is the retribution. After this, the conscience pacifies and this clears all the committed sins. This brahmin had gone through all these phases and now this soul is as pristine as a new born. He confessed in front of us and bathed in the sacred Tamraparni river. And more importantly, his sins were washed off by his consuming the sacred waters that touched the feet of Sri Moola Rama Swamy." 

Then Gurugalu beckoned one of their students, said them to take a white piece of cloth and stain it. Then Gurugalu sprinkled the sacred waters that touched the feet of Lord on that stained cloth. Surprise ! The stain vanished ! The cloth became as white as it was before. The gathering were astonished at this sight. They understood the power of the Lord and Gurugalu and more importantly realised their mistake." 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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