Monday, January 19, 2009

A Friend in Need !

Once Gurugalu, as a part of the tour, were travelling to Bijapur via Pandaripuram. Daasappa and his wife were also travelling along with Gurugalu. Daasappa's wife was then carrying and she was almost about to deliver a baby. The route they were travelling was a desert. And moreover it was mid-summer. It was difficult for women to travel and one can imagine the plight of Daasappa's wife. 

The crew that accompanied Gurugalu pitied her situation and scolded Daasappa for troubling her. He was totally confused. They did not find water or trees for miles together. Suddenly labor pains commenced for Daasappa's wife. All the women folk tried helping her but there was no shelter or privacy. And no water too ! Daasappa started weeping and ran to Gurugalu, explaining his wife's sitaution. Gurugalu turned back and threw their upper cloth draped over their shoulder(Kanduva). That cloth swayed in the air and formed a tent without any support ! Every one there, stood astonished viewing this miracle. 

The other women helping Daasappa's wife, took her under the tent. Gurugalu took a small stick and threw that stick at a particular place in the desert. And water sprang ! Daasappa'a wife gave birth to a baby boy and both of them were healthy. The boy was named Raamappa and Daasappa took the blessings of Gurugalu with great reverence. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!! 

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  1. once we ll go to guru sri ragavendra swamy temple,our life ll change to good position.
    Guru Sri Ragavendra Swamy Namaga..