Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Krishna Swamy was a busineesman. He was a good devotee. One day he took a break in his business and narrated the following to his neighbors. This is one of the best incidents to prove about previous births. 

"Sri Vyasa Raya Theertharu were very close to devotees and in fact spent their life as a devotee, singing songs along with others. Kanaka Dasu was by birth a Harijan. He was such a great devotee that Lord Sri Krishna of Udipi itself appeared before him for his devotion. Once Sri Vyasa Raya Theertharu called for Sri Vadi Raja Theertharu, Sri Purandara Dasa and Sri Kanaka Dasa to meet together...."

People listening to this incident from Krishna Swamy, did not understand why he was narrating all this instead of Gurugalu's miracles. 

"All the four were the one to have seen Lord Sri Hari with their naked eyes. And were great devotees too. The Aashrama glowed with all these great devotees of Sri Hari. After discussing about Vedas, Sri Vyasa Raya Theertharu said - ' Sri Vadi Raja Theertharu will live for years together on this Earth. This Purandara Dasa has still 6 more births to go. Kanaka Dasa, we shall meet in our next birth ! ' "

"Once Sri Gurugalu(Sri Raghavendra Theertharu) had their stay alnog with their disciples near the banks of Tungabhadra river. We were in search of Gurugalu and we could find them there ultimately. The entire crew were staying in a temple of Lord Hanuman. After bathing, Gurugalu were set to perform Sri Moola Rama puja. The temple was outside the village and it was quite peaceful. A Harijan stood outside the temple and was watching the puja from far. We thought that the followers of Gurugalu would push him out. 

Meanwhile Gurugalu saw him and said - 'What Kanaka Dasu, how are  you?' I(Krishna Swamy) din't knew the story of Kanaka Dasa at that time. Everyone thought that his name was actually Kanaka Dasa. Then Kanaka Dasa - 'I'm like this Swamy. We met again. I don't want to live here any more. I should leave now.' replied as if he knew Gurugalu already. Gurugalu asked - 'Then what will you offer to the Lord?' He said that he would get something and went away. 

After sometime he came and gave a packet containing mustard seeds. Gurugalu told the crew to use those mustard seeds for cooking. The crew stood stunned for sometime, but later followed without uttering a word. Till then mustard seeds were banned in cooking during the Chaturmaasya Vratha period(a four month period from October to Jan). But from then on, mustard seeds are used in cooking till date. 

After offering mustard seeds, that person sat at a corner watching Sri Moola Rama puja. Later he sang a song praising Lord Sri Rama and then suddenly fell down. He passed away."

Gurugalu said - 'Attained salvation in this birth! ' with a smiling face. 

Then some devotees in the monastery confirmed that Gurugalu were none other than Sri Vyasa Raya Theertharu and that person to be Kanaka Dasa. They prostrated in front of them for blessings. Gurugalu then assigned few tasks to them and continued with their work. Even now I feel that incident to be a dream. I'm very lucky to have seen Sri Kanaka Dasa and so are you people for seeing Sri Vyasa Raya Theertharu...." said Krishna Swamy.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!! 


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