Friday, January 16, 2009

Common People

River Kaveri was flowing pleasantly and at the banks were a few washermen busy washing the clothes. Among them was one Ramanna who narrated the following to his fellow washermen. 

"Once three brahmins came to visit the Mutt. They were food enthusiasts. They wanted to test the powers of Gurugalu. So they thought, if Swamygalu had powers, then the menu for lunch that day will include their favorite items. Thinking thus they came to take bath in this river. 

Meanwhile, one of the assisstants of Gurugalu had also come to the river to wash the clothes of Gurugalu and have bath. While washing the clothes of Gurugalu he happened to see these three brahmins taking bath. He approached them and said  - ' The lunch today is all ready with your favorite dishes, please do come as soon as possible and enjoy the feast.' 

Then the assisstant placed the clothes of Gurugalu on the banks and walked towards the waters to take bath. The three brahmins approached him and asked - ' How did you come to know about our desire? ' The person stood up from the waters and replied back - ' Who are you people and what's your desire? I don't know what you are talking about...  ' 

Then he came out of the river, took the clothes of Gurugalu and started marching towards the Mutt. He suddenly turned back again and said - ' Your dishes are ready, you may join the feast...' These three brahmins got confused by his talks. After much thinking they understood that it was the power of the clothes of Gurugalu that made the person to talk so. First time when he spoke, he was washing those clothes and the second time too he was holding them. 

If the clothes itself has so much power to know the intentions and desires of people, then is it possible for us to imagine the power of Sri Gurugalu? Thinking so the three went to the Mutt to have lunch. And indeed they found their favorite dishes being served. They enjoyed the feast and later approached Swamygalu to take blessings. 

Gurugalu, with a smile, spoke thus - "For years together you will enjoy your favorite dishes by serving my Brindavana as preists." 

Even now the preists serving the Brindavana in Mantralayam belong to the clan of these three brahmins.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!  


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