Friday, January 30, 2009

In Adoni

Adoni was a fort which played a key role in the administration of Vijaya Nagara Empire. Siddhi Masood Khan was the Nawab or the Governer of Adoni. He was under the Sultan of Bijapur. Though he worked under the Sultan, Masood Khan possessed sole rights and freedom over Adoni. 

Siddha Venkanna was the Diwan or the Chief Minister of the Nawab. He was orthodox and was once an illiterate shepherd. Suddenly he turned to a literate one day and that's a different story how he became a literate. He had built many temples in Adoni. His mansion was to the west of the fort. Nawab was affectionate to Venkanna and Venkanna too liked Nawab. It was Venkanna who safe-guarded the treasury of the Adoni for years. 

Venkanna received a note from the Peetam about the arrival of Gurugalu in Adoni. Venkanna was over-joyed. He felt that he was quite lucky to see his Guru again. He immediately arranged for thier stay and ran to receive Gurugalu along with few brahmins. He prostrated before Gurugalu with great reverence and with humbleness stood before for their orders. 

Gurugalu blessed Venkanna and entered Adoni along with their staff members. They were given a very warm welcome, amidst the sacred chanting of hymns, floral showers etc. Gurugalu bathed in a fresh water pond and performed daily puja. At night Gurugalu performed Sri Moola Rama Swamy puja and blessed everyone. Following which they took rest for that day.

Venkanna, with the permission of Gurugalu, ran to Nawab to inform the sudden arrival of Gurugalu in Adoni. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!   

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