Monday, January 12, 2009

The Layman

In Kumbhakonam, there lived a brahmin cook who accompanied Gurugalu in the tour. Once he started narrating about the experiences of the tour with his neighbors:

"Once Gurugalu halted in Bijapur as there was a river flowing by, to take bath. There was Venkanna who had also accompanied us in the tour along with his father. Venkanna was still a bachelor. As Gurugalu went to have bath in the river, we all approached his father and inquired about Venkanna's marriage. He said that no one in this world was ready to give their daughter to his son Venkanna as he was not mentally sound. That's true, Venkanna was not an intelligent person. He used to keep blabbering all the time. 

Suddenly one day Venkanna said that he wished to marry. Everyone in the group humiliated him saying that no one was ready to give him the bride. Then he approached me and asked the same. I said "You don't have money to survive itself, so who will give you a bride?" Then he innocently asked me back "Then what should I do now?" I suggested him to approach Swamygalu and reveal his wish. Then he asked me again "What if Swamygalu also denies?" With a tinge of anger I told him to ask Swamygalu. 

Then he straight away walked to the banks of the river and stood silent. After sometime he approached Gurugalu and revealed his wish. Gurugalu accepted with a smile. He again asked the same question. Gurugalu blessed him. But still he stood silently. Then Gurugalu beckoned him and spoke thus: "I have renounced everything in this world, what will I have, to offer you?" Venkanna innocently - "Give me what ever you have." Gurugalu with a smile offered him the Mrittika with which they were having bath. Venkanna was overjoyed. He took it, safely packed it in a small piece of cloth and held it tightly in his hands. This is called belief and trust. Venkanna thought the Mrittika to be an immense power that makes this world to move forward and to be God himself. He packed his luggage, informed eveyrone that he would return only after getting married and started his journey. 

After walking for a long time, he approached a brahmins' house. He thought of resting in their balcony as it became dark. He arranged his bed and slept. But soon he realised that some woman was suffering labor pains inside the house. So he couldn't sleep well. Suddenly he saw a weird figure standing in front of him. It was a demon. But Venkanna din't knew what exactly it was. He ignored and slept as usual. The demon suddenly cried "Throw that bag(it contained the Mrittika offered by Gurugalu), it has some fire in it. I'm not able to step into the house because of that bag." Then Venkanna opened the bag, took some Mrittika into his hands and sprinkled at the doorstep of the house. The demon shrieked " What have you done? Clear the path, I should eat the child who will take birth now in this house. I'll grant you a boon if you clear the path." Then he asked for gold which the demon had brought him from some where. He then took some Mrittika and sprinkled on that demon. The demon was freed from this birth of a demon and attained salvation. Venkanna there after did not see her any more. He then slept happily. This happened truly.

Early in the morning, the owner of the house asked the where abouts of Venkanna. Venkanna told everything about him and also that had happened the previous night. The owner of the house pounced with joy and informed this to his wife. Whenever his wife gave birth, the child used to die the very next day. The scholars in that village said that it was an act of some evil force. So the owner of the house thanked Venkanna profusely. 

Then suddenly he remembered his brother's daughter Radhamma. He immediately decided to get Radhamma married to Venkanna. He informed all of us and we informed Venkanna's father about his marriage. We also informed Gurugalu about the same and Swamygalu blessed Venkanna with a smile. Venkanna said that it was the power of Mrittika and the blessings of Gurugalu that lead to his marriage."

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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