Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prayers at Dusk !

At dusk, as the Sun set, Gurugalu took bath, wore yet another fresh pair of saffron clothes and applied the Narayana Mudra with Gopi Chandana. Then Gurugalu set for the evening prayers to Sri Moola Rama devaru. Meditated for sometime, then decorated Sri Moola Rama devaru with beautiful flower garlands and performed archane with variety of flowers. Fruits were offered to the Lord followed by aarthi(lighted camphor). 

Gurugalu prostrated before the Lord and as a sign of devotion wore few flowers on the head. And Gurugalu praised Sri Moola Rama Devaru several times. Then all the devotees were offered the aarthi and prasada. 

Then as students and devotees accompanied, Gurugalu moved to the Mani Peetam to rest. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!   

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