Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Women folk

In this way, the poeple of Kunmbhakonam were talking of the miracles that happened during the tour. Meenakshi Ammal, a married woman, who lived in the street of Kumbhakonam, started narrating her experience to her neighboring womenfolk.

"Gurugalu was travelling to Pandaripuram, Kolhapuram from Udipi via Gadag. My brother lives in Gadag and learning that Gurugalu halted in Gadag, we went to our brother's house. There lived Gurunatha Rao Desai, a wealthy brahmin in Kiritagiri, which was adjacent to Gadag. Once he arranged for Bhiksha(a form of feast) in their house for Gurugalu. So Gurugalu and the entire peetam had their stay in Desai's house. Gurugalu after taking bath, performed Sri Moola Rama puja grandly. Desai's wife, Indiramma, sang a song with great devotion. After Sri Moola Rama puja, devotees stood in long queue to take the theertha and prasada from the hands of Gurugalu. I was next to a woman who was supposed to take the theertha and prasada next from Gurugalu. As Gurugalu put the spoon in the bowl which consisted the theertha, a fly fell in it and was fighting for life.

Immediately Gurugalu called Desai and said that some unfavorable scene took place in the house and asked him to find out what it was. Desai went to find what the scene was like in the house. Alas ! He found his 3 year old son dead in a huge basin that contained Mango juice. He was shocked to see his son dead. His wife, Indiramma din't knew how to react. She had to control her tears as the house was packed with relatives. How unlucky? Desai and his wife stood crying in dilemma whether to reveal this news to Gurugalu or not. 

But somehow, Gurugalu came to know about this from their students. Gurugalu asked Desai to bring the child to their presence. And when the child was brought to their presence, Gurugalu ordered their students to wash the face of the child with the Abhiseka waters. Students did the same. Then Gurugalu meditated and sprinkled the waters on the child. Then asked one of them to rub the child's eyes with the theertha. Miraculous !!! There was some movement in the body of the child. The child tried to call his mother and slowly opened his eyes. 

In the next ten minutes, the child was all fine and started playing again. What a miracle?Gurugalu my dear, our Gururajulu, a Great soul !!! After that there was a feast as usual followed by a spiritual discourse. And everything was normal again. But giving life to a dead child, ah....!! "

This way Meenakshi Ammal was narrating her experience to the womenfolk.  

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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