Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Saviour

On the way to Pandiripuram from Udipi, the Peetam once halted in Hubli. It was under the Dharwad province. The Nawab of Dharwad had a garden in Hubli. Gurugalu were entering the garden along with the Peetam. The gatekeepers fell at the feet of Gurugalu for blessings. And ran to their Nawab to inform about the Gurugalu's arrival. Nawab, along with his Begum and other staff came running and paid obeisance by saluting to Gurugalu. 

Nawab, then crying said - "Swamy, my only son, Shahajaada, died yesterday due to snake-bite. He was declared dead by our physicians, so we buried him. What's my future now? Is God angry with me? What mistake did I commit?" saying so he wept bitterly ! Begum's condition was even more pathetic. She was inconsolable. 

Gurugalu with a smile, spoke thus to Nawab - "Forgive your physician's mistake ! Your son is still alive ! Take Shahajaada out of the tomb quickly ! " Soon, Shahajaada was taken out of the tomb and was taken to the presence of Gurugalu. But his countenance had no signs of life. 

Gurugalu asked them to anoint the theertha on Shahajaada's chest. And Mantrakshite were smeared on the spot where the snake had bitten. Ah ! The spot where the snake had bitten, started oozing blood ! Shahajaada might had felt it painful, he groaned. Gurugalu then asked them to apply sandal paste where blood was oozing and to tie a bandage. Then Gurugalu sprinkled some theertha on the face of Shahajaada. Slowly Shahajaada opened his eyes and called for his parents. 

There was no bounds to the happiness of Nawab and Begum, seeing their son alive. Nawab, with happiness and tears in his eyes cried "Yah Allah !" He prostrated  and saluted Gurugalu. Begum too saluted Gurugalu. 

Nawab then offered few villages to Gurugalu as a present. Gurugalu offered those lands to the brahmins in Hubli. Nawab also offered many precious necklaces to Sri Moola Rama devaru with reverance. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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