Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lesson to Atheists !

Gurugalu along with their crew started towards Gadag from Hubli. As they were crossing the borders of the village, they observed a group of youngsters carrying a corpse. They approached Gurugalu and said - "Swamy, he is our friend, Veerabhadra. He died of a snake-bite. We heard of your miracle and with that hope have brought Veerabhadra to your presence. Please save him !" The crew members stood silently and were eager to see yet another miracle by Gurugalu. 

Gurugalu - "My dear, Shahajaada's case is different. Veerabhadra's case is different. Shahajaada was in his last stages of life, was fighting against death. But Veerabhadra is already dead, I cannot save him. My remedies wont work on dead." Saying so Gurugalu moved ahead. The crew stood astounded. They pitied the youngsters. But were even more shocked to see what followed next. 

The youngters, instead of crying, started laughing loudly. Laughing sarcastically, they said "Veerabhadra, get up ! This Swamy cannot save you ! Get up !" But Veerabhadra did not get up ! Alas ! He was dead ! This was a shocker to those youngsters who wanted to test the greatness of Gurugalu. They were atheists. They planned to test Gurugalu after learning about Shahajaada's incident. But their plan flopped. The most pitiable was Veerabhadra, who lost his life foolishly in the hands of these atheists. 

The crew ran to Gurugalu to inform the fact. Gurugalu replied back saying - "We are not responsible for the birth and death of both the persons, Shahajaada and Veerabhadra. Shahajaada has more life-span in this world while Veerabhadra's life span ended. We can change neither the fate of people nor the decrees of the Nature. That's how Shahajaada, though buried, was still alive. While Veerabhadra who was playing happily, died suddenly. This might be a lesson by the Almighty to all the atheists." Saying thus, Gurugalu set to Gadag and the youngsters howled for their friend's sudden demise.  

This was how some of the devotees narrated the miracles of Gurugalu to their friends and neighbors. Back in Tanjore, sacred sacrifices and pujas were performed by Gurugalu for 12 long years. The Chola dynasty regained it's past glory. There were good rains and good crop yield. People were happy. 

Gurugalu came back to Kumbhakonam and the daily routine of Sri Moola Rama puja went on as usual. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!! 

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