Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Venkamaamba and Gururaja spent most of the time with their little brother Venkatanatha. They always played with him and had fun-time. Venkamaamba used to learn poetry from her father and Gururaja used to learn playing Veena apart from poetry. Once they finish their daily routine of learning they used to gather around Venkatanatha to play. 

Thimmanna Charya and Gopikamba too had a good time with Venkatanatha. He was a bliss to the entire family. Days rolled on and months rolled on. Venkatanatha started walking with his tiny and tender feet. Soon he started playing out doors. 

It was 6th month and and Thimmanna Charya held a ceremony for feeding food to the baby for the first time. Venkatanatha began speaking. He spoke so sweetly that every one wanted to hear his talks endlessly. He went to the people who recited the stories of Lord Sri Hari and listened to them with ardent interest. 

Venkatanatha was now 3 years old and it was time to start off with his education. Again there was a ceremony and all the relatives and friends were called in for the function. Thimmanna Charya took Venkatanatha into his lap, held a slate with one hand and a chalk in the other and made Venkatanatha to write his first letters -- "Om !" The very next moment Venkatanatha asked his father - "How can this one letter become the physical form of Sriman Narayana? HE is Omnipresent, present in all forms and knows no bounds !" 

Thimmanna Charya was spell-bound and delighted by this question. He embraced Venkatanatha with love and pride. His heart was filled with utmost pride when all the relatives and friends were astonished and praised his son. They acclaimed that he was very fortunate to have a son like Venkatanatha. One can imagine the happiness of a father when his son is praised by all. 
Unexpectedly Thimmanna Charya remembered his dream where in he saw the Lord  of Seven Hills.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!! 

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