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Sri Vyasa Raya Theertha

Nava Brindavana at Anegonde

Those were the days where Sri Krishna Deva Raya's father Nrusimha Raya was ruling the Vijaya Nagara Empire. Sri Sri Sri Brahmanya Theertharu was propagating Dwiatha Sidhantha in his ashrama in those days. He was in search of a successor to him for his ashrama.

At the same time, on the banks of Kaveri river, lived a couple Rama Chari, Lakshmi Bai in Bannuru village. Once Rama Chary had a severe health problem and the situation turned out to be critical. Lakshmi Bai thought of suttee( the act or custom of a Hindu widow willingly being cremated on the funeral pyre of her husband as an indication of her devotion to him) following the foot steps of her husband. So she went to visit Sri Brahmanya Theertharu for the last time. 

She paid her tributes to Theertharu who was in meditaion, from far off and stood with utmost respect. He opened his eyes and blessed her as "Dheerga Sumangali Bhava !" which means her husband would have a long lasting life. The people around there were astonished and revealed all that had happened to Rama Chary. Then Theertharu, with a smile on his face blessed her that she would be a mother of a child soon. But he laid a condition that as soon as she gives birth to a child, the child should be donated to the ashram. 

Puzzled Lakshmi Bai returned to her home only to see that her husband healthy and fine. She pounced with joy and only then she could understand the blessings of Theertharu. 
After few days, Laskshmi Bai was pregnant and after 9 months she gave birth to a charming baby boy(22/4/1447 AD, Prabhava Nama Samvatsaram, Vaisakha Masam, Suddha Sapthami, Sunday, 1369 SS). As soon as she gave birth, the boy was taken to the ashram and was given to Theertharu. Probably God was pleased with this action of the couple and sooner than later blessed them with another boy. 

The boy in the ashram was named as Yathi Raj and the Swamy himself took care about the welfare of the baby. The boy was very charming and his intelligence was even more appreciated by everyone in the ashram. At the age of four, Swamy held the Upanayanam ceremony (ceremony of investiture with the sacred thread) to the boy. And at the age of 8, Yathi Raj took up Sanyasam(asceticism) and was named Sri Vyasa Theertha. 

Sri Vyasa Theertha mastered Dwaitha Sidhantha(philosophy) from Sri Brahmanya Theertha. Sri SriPada Raaya was considered as the incarnation of Dhruva. Sri Vyasa Theertha learnt all the Shastras from him. Vyasa Theertha was a born genious and above that he mastered all the Shastras from experts. Sri Brahmanya Theertha had a great confidence in Vyasa Theertha and so happily made him his successor of the ashram and attained salvation.

Under the control of Sri Vyasa Theertha, the ashram had progressed drastically and soon became a Matam. He travelled across the country and visited many sacred temples across India and propagated Dwaitha Philosophy. 

By this time Sri Krishna Deva Raya became the emperor of the Vijaya Nagara dynasty and he bacame the disciple of Sri Vyasa Theertha. He too propagated the Dwaitha Philosophy in his dynasty. 

Once so happened that the Vijaya Nagara astrologers warned Sri Krishna Deva Raya that "Kuhu Yogam" is yet to come and that period is fatal to the then crowned King. The Prime Minister of Vijaya Nagara, Thimmarasu, was worried about the fate of the country. But he knew the fact that stars will not affect the people who have extraordinary will powers. So Thimmarasu approached Sri Vyasa Theertha and asked him to ascend the throne till the bad period passed. As the welfare of the country was the prime factor for the rishis, he accepted to ascend the throne. He became Sri Vyasa Raya Theertha from Vyasa Theertha and ruled the dynasty of Vijaya Nagara. During his reign, Sri Vyasa Theertha installed 7322 idols of Lord Hanuman all over the country. And most of them were installed in and around Adoni. He developed the temple of Lord Sri Venkateshwara at Tirumala. He also endorsed the Daasa culture and met Purandara Daasa and Kanaka Daasa(Musicians). The Kuhu Yogam came in and passed too. But it showed no impacts on the King. 

Later Sri Vyasa Theertha gave some advices to Sri Krishna Deva Raya related to Justice in the dynasty and moved over to the banks of Tunga Bhadra where his ashrama was located. He compiled several books to promote Dwaitha Philosophy, lived for 92 years in this materialistic world and attained salvation in 1539 AD(Vilambi Nama Samvatsaram, Shalivahana Shakam 1461, Phalguna Bahula Chaturdasi, Saturday - 8/3/1539 AD). 

His Brindavana is called as Nava Brindavana and is now present in Anegonde at the banks of TungaBhadra river. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!               

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