Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Background !

Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy was born to Sri Thimmanna Bhattu and Smt Gopikamba in the Chola dynasty. But before that let's talk something about their family background. Their gotra was Guatama which means Gautama Rishi was the first prime of their clan. Sri Krishna Charya was born into this clan. He was a great Veena Vidwan. He was Sri Krishna Deva Raya's Veena Guru. He had many titles in Vijaya Nagara court, possessed a necklace made of Pearls and a Crown made of precious stones.

Son of Sri Krishna Charya was Sri Kanakachala Bhattu. He was an orthodox brahmin, very courageous and strong hearted person. His son was Sri Thimmanna Bhattu(Thimmanna Charya). He dedicated his life for studying Vedas. And he worshipped Lord Sri Venkateshwara with lot of devotion and respect. He was a great scholar and mastered the Shastras(Scriptures). Even he was a great and very talented Veena Vidwan. He lived in Vijaya Nagara along with his parents and relatives. Thimmanna Bhattu, one who performed yagnas(religious sacrifice) and who offered charity, married Gopikamba, a beautiful and charming lady.

Bad days started to this family with the fall of Vijaya Nagara Empire. They lived happily under the shelter of Rayas. After Sri Krishna Deva Raya, Aliya Rama Raya ascended the throne and he lost the Tallikota war against Bahmani Sultans. Alas! There was no more scope for great scholars and Vidwans to prove their potential in the Kings' court. But Chola dynasty was still good at Law, Order and Justice. So Thimmanna Charya along with his wife started to Chola dynasty. On their way, they visited Tirumala, Lord Sri Venkateshwara temple, performed special pujas and expressed their wish of having children.

From Tirumala, they headed towards Kanchipuram. Though, even in this place Thimmanna Charya had no scope to perform well under the King, he at least had a scope for mere living. Days passed on. Gopikamba gave birth to a daughter and a son, one after the other. They named the first born beautiful girl as Venkatamma and the smart and intelligent son as Gururaja. Looking at their two children, Thimmanna Charya wished he could have another son and worshipped Lord Venkanna for the same.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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