Monday, December 29, 2008

Life at Vidyapeetam

Soon Venkatanatha along with his family reached Kumbhakonam. They entered the peetam, washed their legs and went straight to Sri Sudheendra Theertharu for darshana. Swamygalu recognised Venkatanatha and inquired about his welfare. Swamygalu told him to stay back in the Peetam so that he could teach some lessons to the students. Later they were given a house to stay in and Venkatanatha's new life had begun. 

Every day morning, after bath he used to meet Swamygalu, participate in Moola Raamaru puja, teach Brahma Sutras and Sri Madhva Bhashyam to students, teach law to other students, then learn Nyaya Sudha from Swamygalu. Later he used to analyse what he learnt that day, along with Pathanjali's Maha Bhashyam, Tika Charya's Maha Bhashyam, Vachaspati Mishra's Bhamathi, Vyasa Raya Theertha's Chandrika etc. He used to spend time learning or writing till late night, slept for few hours, woke up early in the morning to start his routine. 

Swamygalu was more affectionate towards Venkatanatha. Venkatanatha was less involved in family life. He dedicated his life to God. Saraswathi used to get satisfied seeing her husband's happiness. She played with her son and looked after the house-hold work. 

Once Venkatanatha accompanied his Guru to a temple in Raajamannaru(Dakshina Dwaraka). At the entrance of the temple some Advaita students were learning lessons from their Guru. Venkanatha stood back and was listening to their conversation. The Guru had queried his students for which a student replied. But Venkatanatha argued that the student was wrong. When Venkatanatha was asked to justify his answer, without staggering he explained a few points from Maha Bhashyam which even their Guru was not aware of. Sri Sudheendra Theertha who was observing this was very happy to see his student's knowledge in Maha Bhashyam. For revealing great facts from the Maha Bhashyam, Venkatanatha was honoured with a citation "MahaBhashya Venkatanatha". 

In Tanjore too Venkatanatha won such citations from great scholars after proving his talent. He worte notes on Nyaya Sudha that was taught by Sri Sudheendra Theertharu. Once Gurugalu had a doubt in Nyaya Sudha and he happened to come across the notes written by Venkatanatha. His doubt got clarified by Venkatanatha's notes. This write-up was called "Parimala" and hence forth Venkatanatha was called as "Parimala Charya". 

Though Venkatanatha had excelled in the field of education, his personal life was worse. Poverty made him helpless. Being a scholar, he had no proper clothing. He wore a piece of cloth for a whole year. He couldn't even afford to buy a new colth. There was no oil in the house to have a head bath atleast. Some days they had to adjust by eating just once in a day. Some times they had no money to buy a plantain leaf to eat food and made the floor as thier plate. Alas! Sometimes getting alms was also difficult and the family had to starve. :(

There was no proper shelter, no clothing, no food, no good utensils. And to worsen this situation once thieves looted what ever they found in the house. All will have one Ekadasi in a fortnight, Venkatanatha's family had four or five in a fornight ! They starved for months together. Venkatanatha never revealed his pains to anyone. Always had a smile on his face. Saraswathi some how adjusted with this situation but when it came to her son, Laskhmi Narayana, she used to shed tears. Whatever she used to get as alms, she fed her son with that. And some times Lakshmi Narayana drank water when there was nothing to eat. Saraswathi's only wish and prayer was that her son went never starved. 

One night, Sri Sudheendra Theertha had a dream where in he had the darshana of Lord Sri Rama. The next day he called Venkatanatha and inquired about his welfare. Then he suddenly remembered his dream and thought that Venkatanatha would best suit the position of his successor. He then said to Venkatanatha: 
" Venkanna, to protect the holy Dvaitha Matha, you will have to assume Sanyasaashrama !" 

Hearing these words, Venkatanatha was shocked and astounded. He rememberd his marriage and his son. He stood bewildered !

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!    

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