Thursday, December 25, 2008


Venkatanatha went to his brother-in-law, Lakshmi Nrusimha Charya and requested to teach him Shastras and other formal education. Nrusimha Charya agreed and made him his student. He used to hear to the Yajur Veda classes and grasp the content in no time. When the Guru puts some queries to his students, he popped-up first with an answer. The fellow students and the Guru were astonished at his brilliance. The same happened when his Guru taught SuMadhva, a literary work, where in he learnt the whole concept in few days and answered the questions put forth by his Guru with out staggering.

The fellow students used to learn all the scriptures day and night without any rest. Still it was difficult for them to grasp the content and understand it. But this was not the same with Venkatanatha. It was an in-born talent that he acquired from his father. So analysing scriptures was not a difficult task for Venkatanatha. He also learnt from his fellow students performing sacrifices and daily performed the same. He went along with his friends to fetch the fire-wood which was required for performing sacrifices. He served his master faithfully.

All the students used to go to the river to learn swimming. Venkatanatha used to swim as swiflty as a fish. It strikes a mind as if he was swimming the depths of Vedas and Shastras swiftly with ease. When he attempts to reach the other side of the shore it seems as if he is desirous of attaining Moksha and reaching the abode of Lord Brahma. 

Goddess Saraswati, for Venkatanatha's brilliance and intelligence, Lord Brahma, for his following of strict principles and performing sacrificies and Lord Sri Hari for his lustre, all existed in Venkatanatha. Vidya Lakshmi made Venkatanatha's tongue as her abode and swinged and swayed when he recited the sacred hymns. In this way his schooling went on. 

He was about to enter into his youth now. He was humble and decorous yet smart and active. He was grave yet cheerful, firm yet caring. He is now enhancing the art of playing Veena which he had learnt from his father. He had mastered almost all the scriptures. Nrusimha Charya expressed his satisfaction to Guru Raja that Venkatanatha had grasped every aspect of Scriptures from him and that he had nothing left to teach. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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