Monday, December 22, 2008

Auspicious Birth !

Nine months rolled on and the auspicious time has come. It was Manmatha Nama Samvatsaram, Phalguna Suddha Sapthami, Thursday, 1595 AD. The Eastern horizon gave birth to an orange colored Sun. While in Thimmanna's house, Gopikamba had a normal delivery and gave birth to a son who was even more lustrous than the Sun. 

The nature showered its' blessings by drizzling. The cool breeze of the early dawn spread this news all over. The oceans were pleased and stayed calm. Looking at his charming son, Thimmanna was overjoyed. He thanked Lord Srinivasa profusely. He decided to name his child after his God, Tirumala Venkanna. And Gopikamba was delighted seeing her son, took him into her hands, fondled him, kissed him and embraced him with happiness. 

The neighbors and relatives were amazed looking at the baby and expressed that the child had the brilliance and lustre of Lord Brahma ! 

Days passed by and Thimmanna Charya held a ceremony for naming the baby. Thimmanna and Gopikamba took bath in the holy rivers. The house was filled with relatives and friends. Priests walked in to commence the ceremony. Thimmanna Charya lit up the sacrificial fire and prayed to the Fire God. The baby was named as VenkataNatha. The priests blessed the child as well as the parents. And in turn the priests were well felicitated by the family... 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!      

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