Friday, December 26, 2008


Guru Raja decided to get his brother Venkatanatha married as he had finished his formal schooling and entered youth. So he had started searching for a girl. He came to know that there was a girl by name Saraswathi who belonged to an orthodox brahmin family in a near by agrahaaram. Guru Raja took the permission of Gopikamba, his mother and his brother-in law Nrusimha Charya. Venkatanatha also agreed for the marriage proposal. 

Soon there was a get-together of the two families, where in the bride-groom's family visited the bride's family, had an informal introduction between the two. Saraswathi was a very charming, young and beautiful girl with intelligence. She was humble, patient, brilliant and good-looking. Many may have these features but the beauty she had was just incomparable with others. Her name also suited her aptly ! Was it because she is blessed by Goddess Saraswathi or was it because she was marrying an erudite? 

The grooms' party arrived at the house of Saraswathi and her family cordially invited them as per the tradition. Looking at the handsome stature of Venkatanatha, the bride's parents and other family members felt happy. There was an informal conversation among them, each one of the family asking the welfare of the other. Later the groom's family had a sumptuous lunch at Saraswathi's house. In the evening they returned back to their home.

An auspicious day was fixed by the priests for the marriage. And the marriage was about to be held at Saraswathi's place. The most awaited day had come. The bride was well decorated and so was the groom. The parents of the bride worshipped(Varapuja) Venakatanatha as that was the custom. Then the nine astronmical planets were worhipped(Nava Graha Puja) by the priests. And finally the bride was given in hand by her parents to the groom(Kanya Daanam). The place was filled with the fragnance of jasmine flowers, wore by the women folk and the hall filled with relatives and friends of both the families. All pomp and show !

The newly wedded couple were given Haarati(an offering of lighted camphor) by the grand old ladies(whose husband is still living). Hymns from Rig Veda were chanted by scholars and priests of higher order and blessed the couple. But none of them knew how the future of this newly wedded couple would be. The priests blessed them to lead a luxurious life happily with a dozen children. They blessed them to lead a life like Brahma-Saraswathi, Lakshmi-Narayana, Shiva-Parvathi, Sachi-Indra, Arundhathi-Vasista for a hundred long years. None could imagine how the fate of these two.   

Later the priests were offered Sambhavana(amount given after such functions) and felicitated. Followed by this was a feast for all who have attended the marriage. 

After a four day long marriage ceremony, the bride was sent to the groom's house formally, as per the customs. She was received cordially by Venkatanatha's family.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!      

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