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Sri Jagannatha Dasaru

Diwan Venkanna, along with the Brindavana for Rayaru, had also built around 60 houses in Manchala for brahmins. The Ashrama in Manchala turned into a Mutt. Manchala became a sacred pilgrim centre. Devotees thronged to Manchala for Rayaru's darshana.

Sri Jagannatha Dasaru was a very great devotee of Gurugalu and was one among who visited Manchala. They were very close to Gurugalu. It is said that Gurugalu spoke to Dasaru from Brindavana. 

Sri Jagannatha Dasaru was from Rayachur and were born to Narasappa and Lakshmakka with the blessings of Sri Purandara Dasaru. It is said that Sri Jagannatha dasaru were the incarnation of Madhvipathi, youngest son of Sri Purandara Dasaru and who later was Sahlada, the younger brother of Prahlada. 

In Poorvashrama, Sri Jagannatha Dasaru were Sri Srinivasa Charya, a great scholar. They were the student of Sri Varadendra Theertharu who was the Guru of Sri Raghavendra Swamy. Sri Gopala Dasaru, the student of Sri Vijaya Dasaru, named Srinivasa Charya as Sri Jagannatha Dasaru.

After being named as Jagannatha Dasa, they visited Manchala and offered their prayers to Gurugalu. They have composed a literary work by name "Hari Kathamrutha Saaram". Sri Jagannatha Dasaru, apart from composing literary works on Lord, they also composed a song on Sri Raghavendra Swamygalu. In this song they mentioned all the miracles of Gurugalu and the way Gurugalu saved several people. 

Here are some of the miracles(not mentioned in the Charithra) that Sri Jagannatha Dasaru mentioned in their song:

Once a devotee of Gurugalu happened to hit their head to a door accidentally and got hurt very badly that took their life. Gurugalu knowing this, gave life to that devotee. 

Once a Lingayat Jamindar, to test the powers of Gurugalu, challenged Gurugalu that if they could make a stick to sprout. Gurugalu took the challenge and daily sprinkled the theertha on the stick. One of the greatest wonders...that stick started to sprout !

When a brahmin collapsed due to thirst in a desert, Gurugalu created a spring in the desert and gave life to that brahmin. 

In this way Sri Jagannatha Dasaru praised Gurugalu in their composition: "Raghavendra Gunasandra...!"

It is said that Gurugalu spoke to Sri Jagannatha Dasaru from the Brindavana. One day, other devotees tried listening to Gurugalu's conversation with Sri Jagannatha Dasaru. That day Gurugalu did not talk to Jagannatha Dasaru and Dasaru were upset. Dasaru sang a song on Gurugalu emotionally. And at night Gurugalu appeared in Dasaru's dreams and said that they would be talking to them daily in dreams alone. From then on, Gurugalu spoke to Dasaru in their dreams. That was the relationship between Sri Jagannatha Dasaru and Gurugalu. 

That was the fortune of Sri Jagannatha Dasaru ! They lived for 72 years(1649-1721BC) in this world and composed several devotional songs and literary works.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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