Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nawab's Arrogance !

Learning about Venkanna's past life, the courtiers and the public in the court were mesmerized. But Nawab had no faith in Gurugalu's powers. He did not trust Gurugalu. He himself wanted to test Gurugalu's power. He beckoned few of his soldiers and ordered them to get a plate containing various non-vegetarian foods. Nawab  covered the plate with a nice cloth and took it to the presence of Gurugalu. He said - "Swamy, this is our present to the Lord, please accept it !" 

Gurugalu smiled, sprinkled water on the plate and asked to remove the cloth. Nawab was shocked. He could not believe his eyes. The plate was filled with various fruits and flowers. His pride shattered. He stood with his head bent in front of Gurugalu and offered salutations by folding his hands. He walked into his chamber and regretted for his mistake. He was afraid of the punishment he would be facing from Gurugalu for this mean act. He immediately called Venkanna and explained his mistake. Venkanna smiled and admonished Nawab. Nawab then sent Venkanna to Gurugalu to ask what he should be paying for his deed. 

Venkanna first explained the act of Nawab and Gurugalu's miracle to the courtiers. He then approched Gurugalu and pleaded them to forgive Nawab for his misdeed. Gurugalu smiled and soothed Venkanna. Venkanna then said that Nawab wished to offer presents to the Peetam and they could claim anything. Gurugalu asked for Manchala village on the banks of river Tungabhadra. Nawab accepted. Though it was already offered to someone else, Manchala was revoked from him and he was offered another peaceful place. Nawab stood satisfied. 

Venkanna asked if Gurugalu wanted anything more from Nawab. Gurugalu gently declined the offer. Then Gurugalu bathed and set for performing Sri Moola Rama Swamy puja. To view this puja, hundreds of people from Adoni gathered in the court. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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