Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Forest - A Holy Place - Manchala

Manchala was once a dense forest. The path Gurugalu and the crew were travelling was not clear. Moreover it was pitch dark. Tungabhadra river was flowing pleasantly. Some of the crew did not understand why Gurugalu have claimed this place from the Nawab. But some others, who had spiritual powers, felt the pleasantness and a spiritual aura that surrounded that place. 

Gurugalu were more happier than usual. With a smile, Gurugalu said - "King Prahlada performed several sacrifices on this holy land. This place had then seen great sages, sacred sacrificial fires, sacred hymns from the Vedas etc. King Prahlada performed these sacrifices for the welfare of his country." (If you remember, Gurugalu themselves were King Prahlada in their previous birth !)

Though it was now a dense forest, Godess Renukamba, the principle deity of King Prahlada should still be existing on this sacred land. Gurugalu started meditating the Divine Mother silently. Later, Gurugalu along with their students cleaned the forest area. It turned to an even surface.

River Tungabhadra was flowing downwards amidst hills. Early in the morning, when Gurugalu walked towards the river Tungabhadra for bathing, the river reduced its speed and roar with reverence. Every sand particle was blessed to have been touched by the Lord. The trees that stood tall on the other side of the bank, swayed down as an obeisance to Gurugalu.

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!! 


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