Friday, February 27, 2009

Mallappa Sindhe

The present temple in Mantralayam today is being built by Sri Mallappa Sindhe. The blessings that Gurugalu showered on him cannot be described in words. He is a Maharashtrian and a resident of Rayachur. 

Once he suffered with a very bad stomach pain. All the doctors could not find the cause and were not able to treat him. Though Sindhe was on a constant medical advice, the pain was incurable. Even some of the famous doctors in Bombay(present Mumbai) could not find the cause or cure. Sindhe was disappointed and lost all hopes on his life. 

One fine day he over heard Gurugalu's miracles and their powers. Soon he started praying to Gurugalu's picture in his house itself with great devotion. One night he saw Gurugalu in his dreams and was guided to go to Bombay and consult the doctor for cure. Mallappa Sindhe again returned to Bombay and pleaded the same doctor who treated him earlier to give a try.

This time the doctor had a dream where in he saw an old brahmin who guided him the way to perform the operation on Sindhe. The doctor explained the same to Sindhe and soon arranged for an operation. Sindhe was very happy and thanked Gurugalu for their grace. He had gained confidence that Gurugalu would definitely save his life. 

Operation started in the operation theatre. Junior doctors were assissting the Head Doctor. But where was the Head Doctor then? He was actually not in the operation theatre. When he opened the door of the operation theatre, he saw the same old brahmin in saffron clothes who guided him in his dreams, performing the operation with ease. He stood astonished. The operation completed. The Head Doctor standing out, saw the old brahmin being disappeared. He went into the theatre and asked the junior doctors whether the operation was successful or not. The junior doctors asked him in return whether it was successful or not. 

The doctor said that he din't knew anything and was not present in the theatre at all. He said he walked in now to know the condition of the patient. The junior doctors were shocked at this as they saw him operating. Then the Head doctor explained all that he saw from outside the theatre. "Yes, some saint in saffron clothes had performed the operation. I have seen with my naked eyes !"

After Sindhe regained consciousness, he thanked and complimented all the doctors for witnessing Gurugalu - the junior doctors saw Gurugalu as their Head Doctor and the Head Doctor as an old brahmin.

Especially Sindhe was very happy as Gurugalu themselves performed operation on him. His happiness knew no bounds. He thanked Gurugalu and prayed/praised their grace. He no more sufferred with the stomach pain. It was a re-birth to him. He immediately planned to visit Gurugalu's Brindavana at Mantralayam. 

Fortunately he witnessed the Brindavana in his dreams itself. Later he also saw Gurugalu who ordered Sindhe to build a temple around the Brindavana with RCC(Reinforced Cement Concrete). Sindhe accepted happily. He informed his brothers the same. When he went to Mantralayam, he saw the same Brindavana he witnessed in his dreams. He explained all these miracles to HH Sri Sri Sri Sujayeendra Theertharu. They blessed him and complimented him for his good fortune. 

The Sindhe brothers together spent around 4 lacs and built the present temple around the Brindavana. Year 1921 witnessed the 300th anniversary(Aaradhana Utsavam) of Gurugalu entering the Brindavana and the construction of the temple finished by that time. The celebrations were held very grandly.                          

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!

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