Thursday, February 5, 2009

Entry into Brindavana !!!

Not all students knew about Gurugalu's Brindavana entry. The one who knew this event went to their homes hoping to come back on the day of entry. All the arrangements were going on well. Tomorrow is Vidiya. People from different places thronged Manchala. Tungabhadra was crowded. Except Sri Appana Charyaru, all other students who went to their homes returned back to Manchala.  

Sacred hymns were chanted. A pedestal was built using the stone on which Lord Sri Rama sat for 7 minutes. Sri Moola Rama Swamy puja was performed by Gurugalu for the last time. The idols were decorated with flower garlands and lamps were lit all around. Maha Mangala Haarathi(A grand offering of lighted camphor) was offered to Sri Moola Rama Swamy amidst bells and gongs. Thousands of people along with Sri Yogindra Theertharu observed the puja with utmost devotion.   With the support of one of the students Gurugalu sat on the pedestal and started meditation. They visualised all the deities - Lord Sri Rama, Lord Sri Krishna, Sri Narasimha Swamy, Sri Hayagreeva Devaru, Five faced Lord Hanuman, Sri Madhva Charyaru, Sri Veda Vyasaru, Sri Bheema Senaru... 

Gurugalu praised the Lord by singing the song - "Indu Enege Govinda". After this Gurugalu were lost in deep meditation. While on the other side, some devotees were singing songs, some others were dancing, some were performing sacrifices and mass prayers. The place echoed with sacred hymns and prayers. Gurugalu reached the highest point in meditation. Their countenance glowed with a sheen that surpassed the Sun. At one stage the Japamaala in Gurugalu's hand became still. Venkanna and other disciples who understood this sign started arranging slabs.  

Amidst sacred chanting of the hymns, the first layer of slab was laid around the pedestal. Sacred conches containing Ganges waters and 700 Lakshmi Narayana Saaligraamas were placed inside. Second layer of slab was laid which covered the pedestal on which Gurugalu sat. Soon all the slabs were laid. As tears rolled down the cheeks of Sri Yadavendra Theertharu, they recited the last sloka - 

"Durwadi dhwaantaravaye Vaishnavendi varendave
Sri Raghavendra Guruve Namo atyanta dayaaluve !!!"

and prostrated before the Lord.


Venkanna remembered how Gurugalu's grace changed his life from a shepherd to a Diwan. His heart wept. He paid his obeisance by prostrating before the Brindavana. All the other students became emotional and could not control their tears. 

Appana Charyaru, the beloved disciple of Gurugalu, could not make it for the event as they had been to inform about Gurugalu's Brindavana entry to other disciples living far. By the time they started to return back to Manchala, it was already late. They ran towards Manchala, composing the famous Sri Raghavendra Stotra - "Sri Poorna Bodha Guru Tirtha payobdhi paara...." When they reached the Tungabhadra, the river was in full spate. But Appana Charyaru was desperate to reach Manchala and rushed headlong. The power of their devotion was immense that the river parted for them and they could reach Manchala quickly. But still Appana Charyaru could not make it. By the time they reached the Brindavana, the last slab was laid and they could not see their beloved Guru for the last time. Tears started to gush from their eyes and voice choked. And the stotra too reached the last stanza - 

"Kintvistaartha samruddhi reva kamalaa naatha prasaadodayat
Kirtir digvidita vibhutiratula..." 

and could not continue further. Suddenly everyone heard a voice from the Brindavana - 

"Saakshi Haya Syotra Hi " (which means - Lord Hayagriva is the witness to this Stotra by Sri Appana Charyaru and that Gurugalu would make them all come true). 

Every single devotee prostrated before Gurugalu's Brindavana. Manchala attained sanctity by the presence of Gurugalu's Brindavana. 

Poojyaya Raghavendraya Satya Dharma Ratayacha |
Bhajataam KalpaVrikshaya Namataam Kamadhenave || 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha | Sri Raghavendraya Namaha | Sri Raghavendraya Namaha |


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