Saturday, February 14, 2009


Gurugalu bless the poor and the needy from the Brindavana. Every devotee is attended to by Gurugalu. From lay man to a King, from pauper to rich, from a sinner to an impeccable, everyone who beckons Gurugalu are attended immediately. A sinner who confesses his sin and apologises, will be shown a right path in life by Gurugalu. His sins are washed off. Gurugalu soothes people in problems, shows them a way to solve the problems. 

Dumb may speak, blind may see, deaf may hear, physically handicapped may get well, mentally retarted may become normal by Gurugalu's grace. The childless may be blessed, an illiterate may turn out to be a literate, health disorders may fade over a period of time. Gurugalu cannot hear the cry of their devotee. They instantly come to rescue. There is nothing in this world that is impossible to Gurugalu.  

To the one who chant their name, Gurugalu is like a sacred cow or Kamadhenu, and to the one who pay obeisance to them, Gurugalu is a Kalpavriksham or the sacred tree which grants any boon.
One who bathes in the Tungabhadra, worships Gurugalu's Brindavana, chants the mantra - "Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !", reads the Guru Charithra with pure heart and devotion will get rid of all their sins. They are granted any true wish, their dreams come true, life becomes easier to live and lead, problems get solved and sometimes the problems which we think may arise, never turn up. That's the grace of Gurugalu !   

It is said that only through a proper Guru, it is possible for a lay man to reach the abode of Lord Sri Hari. Guru is a channel through which one can attain salvation. A Guru is one who guides us in proper direction. And Gurugalu, Sri Raghavendra Swamy, is one such Guru who lead us all to the abode of Lord. They guide us and show a path to attain salvation. Not just salvation at the end of this life, one attains peace, leads a peaceful and happy life in this world by Gurugalu's grace. If Gurugalu is beside us, then we are the richest and the happiest, lack nothing in this world. 

We all are blessed and have done some good deed in our previous births, to have atleast born during this period(i.e. within the 700 years span) and having witnessed atleast the Brindavana of Gurugalu. Just unimaginable of the situation void Gurugalu in this present world ! 

Thankful to Lord Sri Hari for sending down the Kalpavriksha and the Kamadhenu in the form of Gurugalu, to save us all in the time of distress, need and problems in this Kaliyuga. Let's all pray together to the Kamadhenu, our Kaplavriksha, who saved/saves us in difficult times and thank HIM for standing beside us forever - 



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