Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sri Raghavendra Sthuthi !

Poojyaya Raghavendraya Sathya Dharma Rathayacha |
Bhajataam Kalpavrikshaaya Namataam Kaamadhenave ||

Gurugalu is like a Kalpavriksha (wish-fulfilling divine tree), to the one who follows truth, justice and lives loyally. Gurugalu is like a Kamadhenu(wish-giving cow), to the one who offers salutations with humbleness.  

Durwaadi Dhwantaravaye |
Vaishnavendi varendave ||
Sri Raghavendra Guruve |
Namo Atyanta Dayaluve ||

Gurugalu is a Sun in the darkness and a Moon to the lotus like devotees of Vishnu. To such a merciful Lord, here are my Salutations !!!

Mookopi yathprasadena |
Mukunda Shayanaayathe || 
Raja raajayathe riktho |
Raghavendram tamaashraye ||

With whose blessings even a dumb can speak as eloquently as Sri Adi Sesha(Seven Headed Serpent on which Lord Sri Vishnu rests) and with whose blessings a pauper turns into a rich, to them, Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamygalu, I'm surrendering my self !!!   

P.S : 
These three slokas were being said by Sri Yogindra Theertharu during the entry into the Brindavana by Gurugalu. 

Sri Raghavendraya Namaha !!!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful stotras. I have a simple correction, kindly consider. You may need to correct the wordings "with whose blessings a dumb can speak fluently like Adi Sesha" - you may need to rephrase it as in "with whose blessings EVEN a dumb can speak as eloquently as Sri Adi Sesha". Just an observation to have the respect for AdiSesha be explicit. Thanks and appreciate the great stothras.

  2. All Rayar's blessings !

    Thanks a lot for correcting me...Will definitely consider !


    In Tamilnadu a couple named Sri B.S.Srinivasa rao and srimathi B.S.Savithri were lived in Saligramam and currently living in Villivakkam in chennai.On seeing their true devotion,poojas gururajar performed many miracles in their life and lifted up them in life.Moreover on 14-11-1971 srimathi B.S.Savithri expereinced a dream from rayar.In that dream rayar came up from the brindavan and said that "I WILL GIVE MY HALF OF MY DIVINE POWER TO YOU".Moreover on 15-7-1975 with the noble couples Mirthika brindavan was built up in saligramam and still now people are calling this temple as "DAKSHINA MANTRALAYAM"...Even now srimathi B.S.Savithri speaking with rayar daily in her dream.

    Recently srimathi B.S.Savithri was sick and admitted in CCU(critical care unit) in hosptial .Most of the doctors were left their hand and not given gaurantee to her life...In that situation rayar came in dream and showed a dense garden filled with tress , bushes ,tulsi brindavan built in sand,small ramar temple and a neem tree.After showing this place rayar said that "My Brindavan will come soon here through dont worry about your body condition".

    As per words of rayar Srimathi B.S.savithri recovered soon from CCU and returned to home from hospital.Srimathi B.S.savithri said this to her relative and a devotee of rayar named Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman.After long gap Thirumathi S.Kamala Venkatraman went to her native place VASAVAPURAM NEAR TUTICORIN.She saw the place which was showed by rayar in srimathi B.S.Savithri's dream.Her joy knew no bounds.Suddenly she contacted srimathi B.S.Savithri through phone to seek permission from rayar.On that same night rayar came in dream said that " this is the right place which i showed earlier and start the brindavan construction soon,I will be along with you".

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  4. Great job Gouri. Your dad Sri Murthy garu, a dear friend of mine, told me about this blog. This is a treasure trove.

    G V S Jagannadha Rao

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